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Saturday, May 23 2020 [REDACTED]

I had a mild hangover this morning during Saturday morning coffee. Today's Spelling Bee was particularly hard given the mix of letters. Its panagram was "amphibian," something I wouldn't figure out for about 24 hours.
I spent much of the day trying to find a hammer I'd hidden last night against the base of a tree a couple hundred feet west of the Farm Road. I had no trouble finding the other things I hoped to retrieve, but for some reason the hammer proved elusive. At first I tried raking away the leaves from the base of all the trees that matched the profile in the expected range. Then I raked leaves from all the trees in the expected range. Then I got a magnet on a stick to see if that would help. When that failed, I got a metal detector and explored a greatly-expanded range. But the hammer didn't want to be found. Perhaps a bear or Tommy the Mountainbiker had found it.
This evening I had dysphoria from some bad combination of low blood sugar and hangover, so all I could do was lie on the couch with a laptop while Gretchen and Powerful prepared not just tonight's dinner (an Asian soup with soft rice-cake "noodles") but also tomorrow night's. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we'd decided to invite Ray, Nancy, and Sarah the Vegan over for dinner tomorrow. They'd all been careful to avoid the virus, so it seemed like a risk worth taking.
Tonight for the first time the three of us ate our meal in front of a downloaded copy of Jeopardy. We'd watched a few episodes of Jeopardy over previous days, but this marked the first return to eating in front of the teevee since Powerful moved in.

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