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Tuesday, November 10 2020
The warm weather continued today, and it was even warmer than it had been yesterday. Nancy came over with Jack to walk with Gretchen and our dogs, and after they came back, I chatted with them out on the east deck. It was so nice out there that I had trouble forcing myself back to work. Unfortunately, though the sun is so low at this time of year that it had already set on our yard by 2:30pm, though there was a car-sized ray of sunlight on the ground near the fire pit.

Over the past few days, I've been working on another commissioned painting for the new printing of Gretchen's poetry collection Kind, this time of a fish. I started with a line drawing of a tilapia I found somewhere online, projecting it onto a painted canvas and tracing all the details with a Sharpie marker, a medium I'd never used before when painting. After that, I used various colors of acrylic paint to give a pearly opalescence to the fish's scales. By some point today, I was happy enough with it to stop. This was the result:

This evening Gretchen and I began watching a documentary series called The Vow about a cult that had been based in Albany, NY until its leader was imprisoned recently. The cult is called NXIVM, and is based more on quack psychology than the supernatural. The first episode led us in by showing the positive aspects of the cult, which, among other things, seemed to have "technology" capable of curing Turette's Syndrome. My diphenhydramine was kicking in as we watched, so I wasn't able to make it through more than one episode.

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