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Sunday, November 22 2020
I tried to take a bath late this morning after Gretchen headed off to work, but it was apparently too soon after her shower, and there wasn't enough hot water. Our heat-pump-based water heater does not produce hot water quickly. So, feeling wet and a bit miserable, I climbed under the covers in the bed and was soon feeling comfortable and snuggly. This feeling was enhanced by the kratom tea I'd been drinking. (I had decided to forgo caffeine today.)
Then Powerful sent me a Facebook message saying that there was a great estate sale happening somewhere in Kingston. He said they had things I would like, particularly tools and a telescope. So I scraped myself out of bed, which was the place I really wanted to be, and went to try to start the Subaru and of course it wouldn't, not even when using a battery I'd supposedly been charging. But when I told Powerful this, he said he'd be coming home soon. He and I ended up going back out to the house together in the Prius. It was in one of those infrequently-visited neighborhoods northwest of Albany Avenue on Wilson Avenue. Evidently one or more people had died, and a whole house worth of stuff had to be liquidated. The sale had been going on for days, and by now prices had been halved. Unfortunately, the telescope had been sold (but not picked up) since Powerful had first visited the sale, and all I could do was open the box in hopes of experiencing sour grapes. It was a mediocre refracting telescope. But the price had probably been good.
The house was full of lots of things, but few were in Gretchen's æsthetic window of acceptablity, so it made no sense to buy any of that stuff. There was a nice toaster oven and microwave that we could perhaps use at our lake house (whenever that gets built), but then we'd have to store those things. So I just got a handful of well-worn cold chisels, a small bottle jack, and a pizza cutter. We're definitely going to need a pizza cutter at the lake house.
On the way home, I stopped at the Albany Avenue Advance Auto Parts to buy a battery for the Subaru. I ended up buying the top-of-the-line Platinum battery for more than $200, though I didn't get the stupid terminal cleaner package.
Back at the house, I eventually managed to take the bath I'd tried to take earlier, though I exhausted the hot water supply without having quite enough water. That's how big the tub is. [REDACTED]

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