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Thursday, September 16 2021
This morning after getting a few essentials at the Red Hook Hannaford, I set up Tenrec, my Core i7-3770-based desktop, next to my desk in the office. It's not an especially fast computer, only running at about the speed of my work-issued laptop, but it has 32 GB of RAM, which is four times as much. I will be using it for certain expensive compiles and builds, especially those that interfere with other such builds happening simultaneously.
After work, I drove to Lowes to see if their galvanized pipe options were different from those at Home Depot. They were, but only insofar as they were more limited; the largest steel pipe they carry in stock has a diameter of an inch and a quarter, whereas at Home Depot you can buy two inch pipe. So instead I bought an 80 pound bag of concrete and six inch self-tapping screws, all for possible use on this weekends' anticipated dock-building project.
I was driving the Subaru today, and I noticed it was making sounds suggestive of a rotten exhaust system. When I got home, I looked under the car and saw the exhaust pipe going into the muffler had rusted so badly that the two had become separated. Mind you, I've only had that car for five and a half years and I've replaced the exhaust pipe and muffler once before. I think that muffler was brand new only four years ago. Maybe I can improvise some solution that won't requrie installing all new pipes that might not survive to the year 2025. (The problem here is clearly cheap after-market parts bought with eBay or other internet-based auto parts stores; I don't think an actual Subaru-branded muffler rots away quite so quickly.)
We're in a pattern now where Gretchen spends Thursday nights down in New Jersey so she can teach ex-prisoners creative writing in or near the town of Paterson. This leaves me without any supervision on Thursday nights, and as you might expect, I spent tonight eating cannabis, drinking booze, and going on deep-dives into porn. [REDACTED]

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