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   November 2022

01: still warm enough to sleep in the greenhouse - Trying to be lazy and watch YouTube videos, I decide I cannot deal with the needs of Oscar the Cat.
02: new firewood-hauling backpack - 67 pounds of dry white ash and trying to use a decorative sextant.
03: whereabouts of a second splitting maul - A crackhead obsession when I should be debugging ArcGIS Javascript.
04: contributions were as futile as prayers - Ending a day in ArcGIS hell with some satisfying Wonderboard work at the cabin.
05: anti-erosion jihad - After filling in the trench I'd dug to install insulation, I go a bit crazy at preventing erosion.
06: glue stuck to the sides of my fingers - A spray-foam mishap and Chinese food in Stone Ridge.
07: wood-carrying exhaustion - It feels like a hangover, but at least I get something done in the remote workplace.
08: sounds promising a warmer future - Fixing a boiler on Wall Street and supplies that may allow me to leave more of the dock in the lake.
09: the sugar high that good news gives - The midterms weren't as bad as I'd feared.
10: fat bear on the Esopus plain - He or she caused a mild traffic jam on Hurley Mountain Road. Meanwhile, another power outage.
11: meta-karen - Gretchen and I attend a Baltimore performance of Randy Rainbow with Gretchen's parents.
12: visionary art - Visiting a fun museum while on cannabis. Also: do bees know to attack invading armies?
13: Ford F-150 Lightning in the wild - The drive back from Baltimore.
14: halve the power of the ratchet - Modification of a cheap come-along to lessen its power while extending its range.
15: too early with the cannabis - It kinda screws up my workday. Also, a beautiful fallen skeletonized oak.
16: handtruck, not the propane tank - A white ash tree falls on things near the cabin while I am away.
17: dock winterization, day 1 - Dragging the floating dock onto shore with a come-along
18: dock winterization, day 2 - The limits of raising heavy objects using blocks and a lever.
19: dock winterization, day 3 - With Gretchen's help, I jack the hinged part of the dock up out of the lake.
20: dock winterization, day 4 - Using a jack, I finally get the floating part of the dock out of the lake.
21: paving scammer on Dug Hill Road - It has all the traits of a well-known scam.
22: every day where bad things don't happen - Actually feeling good about my job as we approach the long Thanksgiving weekend.
23: recreational-percocet vomiting - Maybe I didn't pick a perfect day for this, despite it being Thanksgiving eve.
24: Thanksgiving on Overlook Mountain - The wacky nurse who got us our first covid shots hosts a vegan Thanksgiving.
25: small number would haunt me - Further securing the dock on the shore with a too-small turnbuckle.
26: another sketchy slab drain hole - Nobody ever suggests building them, but they work.
27: sleeping in the laboratory - I can't handle Oscar the cat given a cold I've suddenly developed.
28: remember the effects of the very small number drugs - The ridiculous insistence on day and night branding for cocktails of OTCs that should really not be sold in mixed form at all.
29: dog turds instead of firewood - Due to lingering illness, I still lack sufficient energy to go into forest to get free fuel.
30: South African driving etiquette in the Hudson Valley - Nearly twenty years ago I began modeling a behavior at an intersection, and it has spread to strangers.