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   sometimes groceries have to come from Amsterdam
Friday, August 4 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Gretchen's brother's family (but not her brother) would be visiting our house in Hurley and our cabin in the Adirondacks, and I would be leaving today for the latter, but before I did, I went around the house doing a little light cleaning, mostly vacuuming in first floor and the basement. Gretchen would actually be spending a fair amount of time with the in-laws in New York City before bringing them Upstate, and she left to go meet them down there before I left with the dogs for the Adirondacks. I didn't have much I needed to get on the way, though I did want groceries (like Ben & Jerrys vegan icecream and perhaps a vegan frozen pizza) that wouldn't survive a two hour drive and don't seem to be available at the Price Choppers in Johnstown or Gloverville. So I stopped instead in Amsterdam, where I could get spray foam and caulk for my basement insulation project at the Home Depot and then those specific groceries (as well as sour dough bread, lettuce, kombucha, Dragon's Milk imperial stout, and other things) from the Hannaford next door. I felt a little gross when I thought about getting an Impossible Whopper at the Burger King across the road, so I decided not to get that (even though that's my usual pattern when arriving at the cabin with just the dogs).
After baking and eating a frozen pizza festooned with fresh onion and mushrooms, I did my usual chillax-with-a-drink thing, though I was careful not to drink too much.

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