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   annoying fly season
Friday, April 26 2024

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Gretchen and I had an abbreviated weekend-style morning in the living room with coffee and Spelling Bee, though she kept being interrupted by demands from her volunteer gig as a case manager for the New York Abortion Access Fund (for which she'd been working all this week coordinating abortions for people outside the state). After Gretchen took Charlotte for a walk, I loaded the dogs into the Chevy Bolt and headed to the Adirondack cabin for the weekend. I stopped at the Cairo Hannaford for provisions on the way (as I usually do) and was delighted to find that they still had Passover matzah in stock, so I bought three big boxes of Streit's. (It's telling that I also bought a loaf of sourdough bread, but I would eventually put it in the freezer, since I never actually ate any.)
When I arrived at the cabin, temperatures were in the 50s inside and out. I wasn't there long before deciding to take the dogs for a walk down the nascent Lake Edward trail. We ended up walking all the way to Lake Edward and back. Conditions would've been very pleasant, but there's a species of irritating fly that has emerged. These flies form annoying swarms in front of one's face; perhaps they're of the same species that does this in Hurley every year starting some time in May. If you keep moving, such flies are less of a problem. But when one stops to do things like articulate a trail, they accumulate rapidly. While down at Lake Edward, I could hear loons off in the distance as well as what sounded like Canada geese.
Back at the cabin, I ate some cannabis and did a fair amount of drinking while not doing very much in the way of productive work. Eventually I took a bath.

Looking across Lake Edward from the middle of its wild southeast shore towards its more suburban northwest shore. Click to enlarge.

Charlotte along the Lake Edward shore. This was her first visit to it. Click to enlarge.

A big boulder about 1200 feet east of the Lake Edward shoreline. That layer line going through the rock is visible on many other boulders and I wonder if it's often the same layer in the rock everywhere. Click to enlarge.

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