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   May 2024

01: flowing solar data - Now that I know how to get data from the cabin's solar inverter, I start piping it through my elaborate remote control system.
02: Scottish friends arrive - Kelly and Brian, whom we know from vegan boat cruises, arrive after having spent some time in New York City.
03: Glenford Dike - We take our Scottish friends to Woodstock.
04: learning a card game - Our Scottish guests teach us the game of Asshole at the cabin.
05: back from the cabin to purple pie - After almost running out of power in the electric car driving home from the Adirondacks, we go out for dinner at La Florentina.
06: worn out from socializing - And plagued by diarrhea.
07: logging prerequisiste - Before I can put the robots in charge, I need a good monitoring system.
08: pizza with asparagus - I make dinner and Neville freaks out and bites a pedestrian.
09: 21st anniverary - Dinner at Cucina and a cute bridge on a secret path.
10: two-porcupine Friday - Charlotte finds two porcupines near Woodworth Lake, one of whom manages to leave some quills in her lips.
11: a mouseproof basement ventillation system - Wire mesh and a thermostat-controlled fan.
12: walking an unexplored boundary - North of the Woodworth Lake, Charlotte finds another porcupine. Also, Neville and I walk through unexplored wilderness.
13: Gretchen was compelled - The dogs briefly work at the bookstore until an unpleasant woman complains.
14: automation success - But some tricky problem keeps me up past midnight.
15: peak spring, 2024 - Not just red efts, but hummingbirds too.
16: pissed-off mother deer - Charlotte goes 'nope!' and high-tails for home when a deer refuses to be chased.
17: an overtaxed relay - When car charging doesn't end as expected, I go down to the cabin basement and find it smells like burnt PVC.
18: showing Gretchen the Six Acre Bog and the outflow falls - These are things she'd never hiked to before, though they're just a little ways north of our cabin.
19: Neville's turn with an Adirondack porcupine - A beautiful sunny day at the cabin comes to a premature end.
20: cursed with limited imaginations - Trying to find a contractor willing to work on an unusual roof.
21: a roofing guy who does not flinch - A roofer from a company in Albany checks out two of our roofs.
22: estimate makes me feel richer - Our Hurley house can get a new roof for cheaper than expected.
23: all Millennial snowflakes - Our friend Crazy Johnny comes to spend the night and tells us about the den of vipers that his local non-profit arts center became.
24: four-person pizza party - What to do when your broke friends come to spend the night.
25: never RS-485 success - After finally seeing off out moochy, couch-potato guests, we drive to the cabin and I fail to read any data from our Navien boiler.
26: god I hate phone apps - They're often just a thinly-disguised additional way to make us buy stuff. Also, weird crashes when I try to use GPIO#11 on an Arduino slave.
27: heavy rains and to-go food from Woodstock - A rare Monday-morning drive home from the cabin, a visit to Franklinton Vlaie, a nap, and food from the Garden Café.
28: addressing living room stench - Removing an area rug for the first time in something close to 20 years.
29: Lowes from the Stick Trail - Also installing a frost-free outdoor faucet.
30: bifurcation - It turns out that the outflow creek for Woodworth Lake breaks into two very separate channels.
31: walking the west bifurcation creek - Now that I know the Woodworth Lake Outflow Creek bifurcates, I wanted to know more about the largely-unknown west bifurcation.