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   Gretchen was compelled
Monday, May 13 2024

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

For some reason Gretchen was compelled to take the dogs to work with her in Woodstock even though the door of the bookstore still doesn't latch (and can be nosed open from the inside). About an hour later, Gretchen called me and had me come to take the dogs. Charlotte had reportedly nosed her way out to greet a dog being walked by an especially bitchy woman who came into the bookstore and took Gretchen to task.
After I picked up the dogs, I swung by the Tibetan Center thrift store and found a few cool things to buy: a set of automotive jumper cables (you can never have too many of those and they double as welding supplies!), a 120v mattress inflator (you can never have too many of those either!), a very colorful plastic toolbox, three different DC adapters (including one for 24v, which might come in handy for driving a whole class of relays), and a wooden cigar box (possibly for containing one of my microcontroller projects).
At 3:00pm I took the dogs for a walk up the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and then over to the Stick Trail. The air was cool but the sun was bright and this made for great hiking conditions.
Before Gretchen returned home, I made a pan of black-bean glurp that I wouldn't exactly call chili. But I wanted some basis for a burrito so I could use the avocado that Leigh gave us on our wedding anniversary when we stopped by the Garden Café just as it was closing.

Neville crossing the marsh wetlands at the beginning of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail. Click to enlarge.

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