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Monday, May 6 2024

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

We got up at around 9:00am and Gretchen whipped up a breakfast of toast and leftover baked goods with a delicious semi-fermented cashew cream cheese she'd made. My contribution was a french press full of coffee. This morning Gretchen would be taking Kelly and Brian to the Kingston bus station so they could ride down to Port Authority and resume the New York City part of their "holiday." We hugged goodbye and then I stood in the driving slowly waving like some David Lynch Stepford wife while the Kelly and Brian waved back. Kelly had told us about the British tradition of standing at a window waving goodbye, so I played it for all the laughs I knew it would give them and Gretchen.
Soon thereafter, I took the dogs on a walk up the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and then went off-trail down a particularly steep escarpment to the Stick Trail, marveling at the bluestone sheets revealed beneath the root clumps of large fallen trees along the way. The day was cool and a bit damp, but by this evening temperatures had risen to a seasonal level of warmth. There was something wrong with my guts that caused me to experience fairly bad (though not painful) diarrhea throughout the day, and I was also feeling kind of worn out, perhaps from all the relentless socializing. Early this afternoon I crawled into bed and took a nap that lasted about ninety minutes. Later, well before 5:00pm, I climbed in the bathtub for a much-needed soak.
This evening when she came home from the bookstore, Gretchen plunked down in front of the teevee and watched the last of the accumulated episodes of the Rookie, a mainstream cop show she's been bingeing. This evening I briefly turned my attention to designing the database I will need for the automatic switching on and off of things at the cabin according to rules, making it so I don't have to do it manually (even if remotely). I'd decided that an important component of any such system would be a log that cataloged when and why various device_features were turned on or off, since it's likely that this will occasionally happen when I don't want it to.

Wild columbine flowers on the steep escarpment I mentioned above. Click to enlarge.

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