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Thursday, May 23 2024
Gretchen managed to pull one of the tiny lingering porcupine quills out of Neville's chin this morning using her teeth, which is one of the best built-in tools for quill removal. You feel for the quill with your lips and then grab it with your teeth and yank.

Early this afternoon, I drove out to 9W to do some shopping. My first destination was the Hannaford, where I got some tofu. Then I went to PetSmart and bought a large-dog muzzle for Neville, with the idea that we can make him wear it when on a hike in the Adirondacks in porcupine season. This would render him physically incapable of biting a porcupine, which would likely keep him from being seriously quilled. I bought the "large" muzzle even though it's designed for dogs weighing more than Neville due to his disproportionately large head.
Finally, I went to Adams Fairacre Farms mostly to buy pizza making supplies (intended for the feeding of weekend guests). I'd forgotten my list, but remembered most of what I needed. Unfortunately, they'd run out of pizza dough, which was the main thing I was looking to buy.
Gretchen's friend Crazy Johnny (whom she's known since they were students in Oberlin, though I never met back then) was driving up from the Washington, DC area today on his way to pick up his son from Williams College, and he would be spending the night at our house. Gretchen had made peanut noodles, which was the same thing she'd made the last time Crazy Johnny came through (though this time she added tofu, onions, mushrooms, and garlic that had been the pan of stuff I'd fried to put in the spaghetti sauce in last night's meal). We dined out on the east deck, and there were surprisingly few insects to torment us. Johnny used most of our conversational bandwidth to tell the story of how the other founder of a book-arts center he'd co-founded, an Ivanka-Trumpesque scion of a real estate empire, recently squeezed him out of the center. She did this by manipulating the board by telling them that a simple disagreement Johnny had had with one of the employees was actually abuse on Johnny's part, something they believed because they're apparently all Millennial snowflakes who have never experienced adversity, or really anything but affirmation. Johnny's story was overly detailed and full of characters he failed to properly introduce. But people who feel they've been wronged often tell stories this way.

When Gretchen and Johnny started doing their DuoLingo together (they're friends on that language-learning platform), I went upstairs and continued work on my remote control system, fixing some multiuser bugs. Earlier today I'd added a weather API to show the complete weather picture for a location occupied by a device on that device's temperature/pressure/humidity graph. To do this, I'd needed to add latitude and longitude columns to the device table.

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