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Sunday, April 5 1998

hat with the time change and everything, I wasn't out of bed until something like 4:30pm. That Absolut vodka had done more damage than I'd thought last night. It had left more of an impact on Jessika, of course.

I went on a bike ride to the computer place across Preston from Bodo's Bagels to check the dumpster there. As you may recall, I found a good Pentium motherboard there a week ago. But I had no such luck today.

The air was a little chilly, but the skies were blue and the sun shone brightly. As I passed Main Street Guitar and Drum, I saw Bn hanging out with the long-haired guitar-playing proprietor of the establishment, so I pulled over and chatted a little about, you know, the Viking Party and such. Bn told me about his experiences taking a plane out to California. He sounded like he'd fallen in love with the west coast.


n the evening, while Deya and I were watching the Simpsons (another episode focused on international relations with commie nations!), Jessika slept on her leopard-print "day bed" in the "extra" room downstairs. Instead of the X Files, Deya and I found ourselves watching a show on the Discovery Channel about the possibilities of life on other planets, featuring (of course) an interview with Frank Drake, the estranged father of my best friend remaining from the Oberlin days.

Later on, when Deya had gone to bed and Jessika was awake, I needed inspiration for an empty black wood panel which I was using as a canvas. So Jessika found me a photograph in an old National Geographic of a little Italian boy and a big wooden Pinocio-style marionette. I immediately set about to placing the boy in one of my creepy forests, but the painting (done in acrylic) was not finished by the time I went to bed.

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