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   March 1998

01: Darting back to Charlottesville - Somehow my Dart completes this daring mission to get Jessika.
02: eight track capability - We get a redneck stereo from my old buddy Josh.
03: wrong way bus - Jessika and I drink vodka and ride a UVA bus the wrong way. Also, Jatasya hears a half-truth and I get pissed off.
04: my 70s, their 80s and 30s - The indelible imprint pop music makes on our childhood.
05: Chinese food humour - I return to Staunton with Jessika to fix my mother's Macintosh yet again.
06: Johnny & Deya's brother - We meet Deya's brother Deya at the art opening phenomenon. He has a weird friend named Johnny.
07: testosterone and tough guys - Matthew Hart is hit in the head by a bottle thrown by cowardly tough guys poisoned by testosterone.
08: defective space bag - A defective box of wine cannot be returned and Jessika and I have a fight.
09: nearby reservoir - We take advantage of the warm day to visit a nearby reservoir. Later we go to a potato feast.
10: too-fast feedback - I don't appreciate Jessika's instant musings responses.
11: animal collection gene - The many animals that live with Deya's brother, David.
12: Deya's turquoise aversion - Jessika and I dress up in blue-green and parade around the house.
13: Snakeoil Medicine Show - We sneak in to a show at the Outback Lodge. Also, I eat a wrap.
14: dinner at Deya's - Prior to a trip to Sweden, Deya's mother prepares us dinner at her home near Scottsville.
15: layers in a Staunton street - 250 years of history uncovered during street construction in a small Virginia city.
16: 80s-style dork - I find myself asking life if this is all there is.
17: St. Patrick's Day whiskey - Down to his last 18 percent of a $100 bill, Morgan Anarchy enters blackout.
18: Jessika's job interview - Over at the UVA hospital, Jessika applies to become a Central Services technician.
19: Mad Dog at Tasha's - While Jessika is out on the town with her parents, Monster Boy and I hang out with another girl on the Corner.
20: scary first day of Spring - Thunder and lightning as the Sun enters Aries.
21: refrigerator full of forties - At a hip hop party, I get pursued by some angry girls who want to kill me for my anti-Chaz writings.
22: Ralph, a Simpson's favourite - In tonight's episode, Ralph Wiggums' character is given much development.
23: Monster Boy's place - We track down Monster Boy at his one-room apartment behind K-Mart.
24: crank call job hunt - Morgan Anarchy drinks some vino and jokingly calls up places advertising available positions.
25: blah blah blah - Jessika finds a case of candles while on a hunt for stuffed animals.
26: hard work is fun - Jessika, Morgan Anarchy and I help others on a project to move an antique store across town.
27: wild folks disappointed with a slow show - Morgan and Ray yell insults at a couple slow melancholy bands playing at the Tokyo Rose.
28: Steve Weiner dies - We receive the news as we cut up a mirror into little triangles.
29: Steve Weiner memorial - And I give a candidly mechanistic view of the nature of life and death. I also discuss some issues I have with womenkind.
30: dealing with girls - I hate it.
31: gay hitchhiker - I pick up a mildly-retarded gay guy and he and I experience a strange dialogue.