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Tuesday, March 10 1998

essika came with me when I went to UVA's Olssen Hall to do my periodic rendezvous with the Internet. It was an unpleasant experience having her sitting there reading recent musings that I'd just uploaded. I didn't appreciate the immediate feedback, which, though it included a number of helpful factual corrections, also included lines like "I feel a little like the way you felt when Jatasya told you Matthew's version of the bathroom door incident." In other words, she was upset by my not telling the "whole truth" as she saw it. I pointed out that I try to tell a balanced version of events (within reason), but I can't possibly remember events the way she does. In terms of examples, by the way, the only one she came up with was the way I related a pre-musings event in the Big Fun Glossary.
    Back in February of 1996, I returned to Big Fun from a day of drinking gin on the Corner. I was a complete asshole, drunk and out of control, jumping up on a homemade table and arrogantly claiming responsibility for any successes of our "community." To force me to stop, Jessika broke a bottle over my head. She doesn't like the way I emphasize her bottle breaking and not the behaviour on my part which provoked it.

After we were done with the Internet, we walked through a number of buildings and scavenged free stuff or else took mental notes of things to come back and get later.


n the evening, the boy Jesse and Morgan Anarchy came over. They were very stoned on marijuana and unusually subdued. I sat around on the couch lethargically looking over some reproductions of turn-of-the-century brain teasers and optical illusions published as promotions for a now defunct cigarette company.

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