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Tuesday, March 3 1998

eya called me from work to tell me that the gas bill needed to be paid, so I fired up the Dart and set out with Jessika to pay it. The car still likes to stall on me for some reason. I guess it needs a new set of spark plug wires, since the stalling usually goes away when I dick around with the wires.

In front of City Hall, we saw Jatasya coming towards us. It's early March, the Sun is in Pisces and Jatasya is a Pisces, so I jokingly suggested to Jessika, "let's tell her happy birthday!" And Jessika did. Jatsaya responded, "thank you" as if it really was her birthday. I was puzzled and asked, "is it really your birthday?" She said that it was, "at 4:30 today." It was just about 4:30 right then. Even I was amazed, though I'm sure it was puzzling to Jatasya as well, especially after we admitted we'd been guessing. Anyway, she's 19 now.

We chatted about a few things, including Matthew Hart's recent DUI. Then Jatasya turned to me and said (in her typical oft-parodied smarmy Piscean way), "I heard you were being mean!" She then related to me how she'd heard I'd been yelling at Angela. Evidently Matthew had told her about the altercation with Angela that followed my discovering that Matthew had kicked in the bathroom door the second time. But Matthew hadn't seen fit to mention that he'd ever kicked in any door. He certainly never told Jatasya that he'd actually kicked in that same door months ago, I'd fixed it, and that this time, wanting to go hang out with Angela while she was on the pot, he had kicked in the door a second time and then had not even bothered to tell me. That little sequence of events is, in my humble opinion, crucial to the truthful telling of this story. The fact that he's evidently leaving it out in his version of events had the effect of re-infuriating me. I told Jatasya, "well, I'm happy about him getting his car impounded now! And I was actually feeling sorry for him when I first heard about it!"

I paid the $155 gas bill, and as I waited in line I found myself confusing one of Charlottesville's pretty boys with another in conversation. I went as far as referring to an incident in which I saw the other person (the one I was confusing him with) and of course he knew nothing about it.

Upstairs, we checked to see what city jobs were available and picked up application forms.

On the way back to Kappa Mutha Fucka, we picked up a half gallon of vodka and some grocery items.


essika and I mixed ourselves drinks and then walked down to UVA's Olssen Hall to surf the web and check our email. I uploaded the latest version of the musings as well. That's right, we used four distinctly different internet protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3.

We were kind of tipsy after drinking & surfing, so we wandered through various UVA buildings looking for free stuff. One of the cool things about big over-funded universities is that the professors tend to have too much stuff to fit in their offices, and they often abandon the less valuable stuff in the hallway for us to come along and take.

We were kind of tired of walking, so we hopped on a UVA bus. It was going the wrong way though, so we ended up going way out to Barracks Road and back before it took us to a parking lot fairly close to Kappa Mutha Fucka.

Back home, we ate some stir fry that Deya had made and drank yet more vodka. The teevee was on almost continually, though attempts were made occasionally to turn it off.

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