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   Ralph, a Simpson's favourite
Sunday, March 22 1998

or me, today was a calm day of reflection and contemplation. I had a pretty bad malt liquor and gin hangover, so I wasn't motivated to take on the world. At five pm, Jessika and Deya rode their bicycles to the antique store on the corner of Preston and 10th to help with the move going on there (after first watching a band of Irish musicians at an adjacent brewery equipped with a bar).

Meanwhile I took a long leisurely soak in the bathtub, read lots of Burrough's Junky, and watched the Simpsons. Tonight's episode was especially good, since Ralph, the little immature weird kid, was a featured character. Deya and I have long been big fans of Ralph, and we're given to spouting out famous Ralph lines from episodes we've seen. Tonight, Ralph's character was given lots of development. It turns out that he's more of a lunatic than had been made clear before. He hangs out with imaginary dogs who fly by wagging their tails, and when he sits in the deep end of the sandbox (something he's no longer allowed to do) little Leprechauns sit on his shoulder and advise him to "burn down the house." A classic Ralph line tonight came when Ralph and Bart broke into the old abandoned (and soon to reopen) Springfield Penitentiary. Upon entering the death house with its electric chair, Ralph said (with that typical whiny voice of his), "It smells like hotdogs in here!" The gang of bullies were also given lots of attention. Having seen real live bullies in action last night, I was especially attentive to their satirization in tonight's episode. One bully attribute that I was pleased to see satirized was ignorance-driven impulsiveness. For example, when the bullies are standing around with Bart and Ralph outside the penitentiary, the best thing they can think to do with the town's master key is to break a window.

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