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   August 1998

01: broken stud - I experience trouble while removing the manifold from the Dart. But I'm famous in Canada.
02: gentleness with studs - Although, theoretically, I'd like to smack Matt Rogers.
03: smells like I fixed it - Some email from Matt Rogers and the Dodge Dart rides again.
04: preparations for Michigan - I get a PIN number, fix up the dam and learn I really am on the cover of the C-ville Weekly.
05: Dart returns to birthplace - I drive from Virginia to the Detroit area in my 1975 Dodge Dart Custom.
06: Total - It's the name of a gas station franchise in Michigan.
07: Matt gets unlucky - I kill a motherboard I'd given him and Spunky Lisa decides to go with a different boy.
08: nudist party - Kim, Josh, Spunky Lisa and I attend a party thrown by gay nudists in Ann Arbor.
09: brunch with Mother - I do brunch with Kim, her mother and step-father Chuck.
10: dumpster scouting - Matt Rogers and I check out dumpsters behind computer places in southern Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.
11: the Kim & Missy Show - My girlfriend gets drunk and puts on a show of aggressive lesbian action with her friend Missy.
12: hangover lovefest - Post-hangover, Kim finishes up her workshop and I take lots of naps. Then we do it.
13: to link or not to link - Cut While Shaving provokes all kinds of fascinating online idiocy.
14: social engineers - Wacky Jen and Kim are both capable in this capacity.
15: Boogie Nights - I particularly enjoy its nostalgic value.
16: Wyandotte grandparents - Old and frail, but they seem to like me okay.
17: map diversion - I stare at a map when feeling relationship-based frustration.
18: Macintosh killing fields - Old Mac IIs piled up like Holocaust victims in a University of Michigan dumpster.
19: Monopoly money - Kim and I take advantage of the insurance-funded extravagant hotel living of her mother and stepfather.
20: I feel heavy metal - Matt Rogers, Kim and I take advantage of the insurance-paid hotel situation.
21: Lake St. Clair - Kim and I visit Bettie & Jerry's cottage on the southeast shore of Lake St. Clair.
22: Sleeping Bear Dunes - A vacation at some massive sand dunes on the northwest corner of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
23: Sand Lakes mud people - David Unger shows us a Michigan lake with grey lake mud and we slap it all over ourselves.
24: Livingston Cellars versus Mad Dog - I buy some cheap vino and Kim complains.
25: glamourous vodkatea - Do I really portray it as more subversive and glamourous than marijuana?
26: Macrobiotic House - We unsuccessfully attempt to hook Matt Rogers up with a polarity therapist named Raven.
27: massages for mechanics - Kim gives massages to a couple garage mechanics from next door in exchange for work on her Volvo.
28: down on Main Street - Walking an itchy dog and drinking beers at an Irish pub in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
29: a tool called marijuana - Pot helps me arrive at new insights.
30: the gauche thing - Kim and I drop a futon and a priceless print off at her horsenut adopted-godmother's place.
31: our son, Matt Rogers - One of a series of jokes and amusing stories told to Mother over a classy dinner.