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Thursday, August 13 1998

side from breakfast at the Northside Grill, Kim did various things without me today. She went off to work for her mother for a good part of the afternoon, and in the evening, she went to see a movie with Matt Rogers.

Kim and I have a way of saying "poor Matt Rogers" and shaking our heads in mildly humourous disbelief at his lack of luck. But it turns out that he got some lucky breaks the other night when he was pulled over for speeding while intoxicated. The cops apparently took pity on him, especially after he said the only other time he'd been arrested was for "feeding the homeless in San Francisco." They gave him a breathalyzer test the moment they pulled him over and he blew a 0.11. But then they took him back to the station, piddled around for a long time with the paper work, and gave him the test again, and this time he blew a 0.09, "legally impaired" but not the far more ominous "legally intoxicated." It's the difference between a $200 fine and a $1000 fine. Perhaps there's a little more slack in Michigan for drunk drivers since this region is famous both for its beers and its cars.


stayed home today, working on web projects. I've been rather amazed at the reactions of some people to Cut While Shaving, the "controversial new parody journal." Several people have mentioned the journal, gone on for paragraphs about it, but sanctimoniously refused to link to it, as if by doing so they could somehow bring about a better tomorrow. It all started with a lack of a link in Lizzie's journal. But you know, I wonder how serious that lack of a link really was. Somehow it just doesn't seem to be Lizzie's way, if you know what I mean. In the race for sanctimony, one person is even refusing to mention the title of Cut While Shaving. Now come on, Ms. Peacesign Border, how much patronizing do you think your readers can stomach?

I'm delighted, of course, by the parade of foolishness. It's always good to see evidence supporting my theories about the laughable irrationality of the puritanical American mind. And these people are all Americans.

Now there's even a page for people who don't link to Cut While Shaving. The complexities and opportunities for culture jamming seem limitless at this point. Not that I think the Don't Link to Cut While Shaving page is entirely sincere, at least not while Scott is a proud banner-flying member.


att Rogers and Kim came back from the movie, Pi. Spunky Lisa had recommended it highly, but Matt and Kim found it unwatchable. It was black and white and full of all kinds of cliché overly-artsy-New York crap. They decided to salvage the evening by watching a haunted house flick on videotape: The Changeling. It's difficult for me to enjoy movies of this genre, and I fell asleep.

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