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Sunday, January 17 1999
Again I went to work, despite the fact that it was a weekend. I figured I'd smoke some pot before the bike ride commute, which made it far more interesting than usual. I found myself thinking that this was the only way to commute, since it was the only time I had completely to myself. Why make such alone-time pass any faster by, say, spending lots of money on a car so I can drive to work in ten minutes?
My boss was as bummed to be at work on a Sunday as any of the rest of us, since he was missing the big football game. He brought a little television to work and had it blaring the play by plays, but it just wasn't the same, especially since there was much work that needed to be done. Compounding matters, Karen, the irritatingly over-anxious member-support girl, had brought all three of her little kids into work so she could "contribute to the cause." Naturally the kids were little hellions, racing around, giggling loudly, and reporting on each others' misdeeds.
Towards evening, I had much of my work done, so I was in a much more relaxed mood than I had been in. However, since there is no adequate system of development machines to test the complex applications I've been building, much of it is untested code. Yes, this concerns me.
The goal was to get some of this new stuff on the live servers today, but bureaucracy and other concerns reduced such goals to folly.

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