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   December 1998

01: a need for fenders - Riding home by bike at the beginning of San Diego's rainy season.
02: relationship-related socializing expectations - A drunken Kim wants me to cuddle in semi-public.
03: bearded clams - Friendly surfer dudes joking around in a Mexican restaurant lunch line.
04: riverside alleycat - Wine party expec.
05: conservative fancy party - Kim's deep-massage friend takes me to a party. Also, me and Sophie bond.
06: a chaotic arctic sea - The database administrator gets away from his database and visits a most unappealing ocean.
07: Rory Miller in San Diego - For some reason I let this maniac into my humble home.
08: I'm a guilty pleasure - For the whole year of 1998.
09: social overabundance - Rory brings over one of his friends.
10: old man electronics operation - Playing on his inherent elderly cuteness, he sells old electronics at excessive prices.
11: a Jason Meyers experience - So sexually frustrated, he's entertainment.
12: jambalaya preparations - I also take a knock-out pill.
13: Holiday decoration party - A strange mix of people converge on our Ocean Beach pad.
14: Rory departs - He flips a coin and heads for Mexico.
15: cheap endless spaghetti - Kim's friend from New Orleans swings by.
16: fancy Coranado dinner - Paid for by Kim's downtown massage therapy employer.
17: DIY Christians - Funny little guys doing their own thing to advance the cause of Jesus.
18: Pacific Beach scenesters - A whole bunch of very cool people.
19: hangover & impeachment - Lying around the house watching history being made.
20: Escher exhibit - A Sunday at the art museum in Balboa Park, San Diego.
21: neighbor Joe - Joe the neighbor drops by for Monday Night Football.
22: wage slave - I work long hours for the man, and I ask myself why.
23: what if I? - A number of very stoned musings on poltics, speach patterns and life.
24: little chickens - Heather the massage therapist cooks up Cornish hens and woos the database administrator.
25: Jumbo Jack Christmas dinner - And we watch Titanic and pretend there's snow outside.
26: Meanwhile Kevin - Post-Christmas blahs and a new Brazilian girl.
27: Ocean Beach society - And one finds pink barbie detritus in the dumpsters of America.
28: aside from my smelly feet and a painful former zit - I'm in perfect health.
29: painful operations in the robot farm - I install some basic maintenance functionality, but it's a very stressful process. Also, Kim and I visit our new Brazilian friends.
30: disheartening machinations - Policies developed by people acting like robots instead of building like them like they should.
31: planes landing backwards - Partying just before it turns into 1999.