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Thursday, December 3 1998
Dave the affable Web Developer dude and Sherms the equally-affable Web Designer dude brought me along on a lunch run to a nearby Mission Center food court. "What about my quieros?" is the hilarious question asked at the end of the most recent Taco Bell commercial, and after hearing this on Dave's car stereo, this stuck in our heads, perhaps forcing me to get a burrito while the others got Indian food.
A couple extroverted surfer dudes standing behind me in line affably suggested that I ask the beautiful brunette in front of me if she's ever had "bearded clam." Ha ha, I've heard that one before. I believe in late 1995 Sara Poiron first clued me in on this not-so-pleasant synonym for the female genitalia.
In the evening, I struggled in vain to get my CD-Writer to do something useful (instead of making bogus CD-theme coffee coasters, the thing it seems to like doing best). Kim wanted spend a little more time focusing on her, but of course, I was too distracted to serve her needs.
For dinner, we drove down to the extremely gentrified Gaslamp Quarter among the spires of downtown San Diego and picked up a variety of overpriced things at a Thai place there. It was yummy of course, but it always kills me when I'm the one paying for such classy food.

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