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   April 1999

01: missed a reader - A reader complains about my life and expresses bitterness in my not meeting him.
02: my livingroom - The way any mailing list should be.
03: upper Mission Valley bikeride - I ride the winds to the east and fight them with the Trolley.
04: not a morality play - If this was a late-90s morality play, then the black guy we had over tonight would have been a picture of subtlety and coolness.
05: Jenna the German Girl and David Lynch - She sees 'Wild at Heart' and thinks it's 'weird'.
06: imperfect vacation - I try to relax at home without my girlfriend, but then the phone starts ringing.
07: Jenna's 386 - I restore an old computer for Jenna the German girl.
08: the only weird people - They all take drugs, so I sort of have to as well.
09: Friday Without the Girlfriend - I hang out with Eric the defense engineer.
10: Saturday Without the Girlfriend - I hang out with Kevin the DBA.
11: unhealthy record breaking - In bed all day due to a hangover.
12: lousy - All kinds of shitty things happen.
13: cute girl with booger - Also, being heard shitting and also contributing to the public hair cause.
14: West Hollywood scene - Kim and I drive to Los Angeles to see Cyclefly and Impotent Sea Snakes.
15: that fuzzy feeling in the brain - Recovering from very little sleep is a gradual process, one also interrupted by work.
16: Kim's friend from Los Angeles - Terra comes down to stay with us for ten days.
17: stripe communities - The structure of beach societies.
18: stripe communities II - Further evidence of the stripelike community patterns in beach settlements.
19: robots & workplace contentment - Anything involving robots is better in the workplace.
20: 4-20 in Ocean Beach - Also, a little about the stress of opposing allegiances.
21: fuzzy human interest - Crazy gothic guys in trench coats and a certain guilty pleasure.
22: the strength of being unafraid to die - I tell it how I see it.
23: early evening ending - The night concludes early with passionate sex.
24: not liking House Music - It's Eric the Defense Engineer's favourite music.
25: Italian artist guy - .
26: painting to the Cardigans - It's not much like sweating to the oldies.
27: brewskis at my workstation - I'm sipping beer and working on my online journal at work.
28: impromptu departure party - The night before leaving for New Orleans, people randomly pop by to chat.
29: Nevada and Louisiana - Kim and I fly to the Big Easy.
30: Jazzfest - Kim's friend Lisa, Psilocybe Mushrooms, and other oddities of New Orleans.