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Thursday, January 6 2000
After work today I went with some of the engineers to a company-sponsored banquet being held at the Westin, a fancy hotel adjacent to Horton Plaza. The banquet was to honour our company's marketing operatives who work out "in the field" throughout the United States, convincing people to become members of our site. These marketing operatives had all been brought to San Diego at company expense to be congratulated and awarded for their successes. Being overwhelming male, overweight, and flattered, they were all dressed up in bulky coats and ties for the occasion.
My engineering buddies and I didn't really interact with them at all, choosing instead to chat and drink with the people we know. Eric the Web Developer was disappointed by the overwhelming absence of ladies, and the only one he found to hit on was soon joined by a pushy gentleman who wordlessly indicated her ring. Kevin the DBA chuckled to me that he'd written a database robot which had ferreted out scores of fraudulent membership signups and resulted in the firing of 25 of these representatives' colleagues in the field.
There was plenty of beer, wine and other drinks to be had, and after we milled around talking and drinking, we all sat down at tables and were served filet mignon. As my erstwhile "boss," (the Director of Web Development) noted, almost everyone in the room had self-segregated by sitting at tables comprised entirely of either in-office employees or local marketing representatives.
After dinner, Kevin and I split before the awards banquet and he drove me and my bike back to my place in his SUV.
When we weren't talking about how great "the new [Oracle-based] architecture" is going to be, we sat around looking at slides of my paintings which I'd brought back from my recent trip to Virginia. Not only was Kevin amazed by the number and diversity, but so was I. I'd completely forgotten about several of the paintings.
I wish my scanner could handle slides.

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