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Sunday, January 30 2000
Kim was working on scholastic pursuits with unprecedented industry, so I was free to hole up in my computer room and play with my four track again. First, however, I had to repair an unreliable headphone jack. I use my soldering iron entirely too infrequently these days.
Overall it was a fairly creative day. Occasionally I spelled my at-times-frustrating musical efforts with work on my paintings. The latest cat picture is reaching a point where I probably won't work on it any more.

Kim tells me it's very "dark," which is true, but then again, so are plenty of great works from the Dutch golden age. I'm not exactly aspiring to be a light and fluffy impressionist. Kim suggested that I embed computer-controlled light shows in some of my paintings. I thought that was a pretty interesting suggestion until she indicated I might want to do that to some paintings I've already done. "What, drill holes in them?" I asked in disbelief. I'm just not the sort of artist willing to take such risks with perfectly good paintings.
For dinner, Kim and I picked up "sushi to go" from the mediocre sushi place down on Newport. Since the Superbowl held the Schteves of America under house arrest in front of their televisions, the sidewalks of Ocean Beach were host to an unusually high concentration of interesting people out and about. In front of the Bacon Street corner store a merry group of gutterpunks were playing guitars and enjoying a temporarily Schteve-free world. But with every touchdown, the bars would murder the peacefulness with the idiotic cheers of football fans.
Steph and EJ came by in the evening to help us watch the Simpsons. Despite their not being Schteves, they'd been watching the big game with friends and EJ was pleasantly drunk.

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