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Monday, August 7 2000
I was feeling better today, so was Kim. I went to work and she went to San Diego.
Kim was gone all day, and when she came home in the evening, everything seemed to be cool at first.

I found myself watching more of that Dawn of Man stuff on The Learning Channel. The show was improving as the topic moved into more modern times, the sort characterized by a better fossil record. I was especially intrigued by the sorts of conflicts and competition experienced by Neanderthal and "Modern Human" populations as the various tribes shifted past and mingled with one another throughout Eurasia and Africa circa 40,000 years ago. I also wondered if there are any places where relatively high concentrations of Neanderthal genes remain to this day. I know it's a taboo topic among modern students of human origins, but I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps the Australian Aborigines might have been relatively isolated from the influx of "Moderns." In all the photographs I see of Aborigines, they look amazingly like reconstructions of Neanderthals. This isn't a good or a bad thing, mind you. The Neanderthals kicked considerable ass back in the day and I think it would be very cool if a group of them somehow persisted to the present (come to think of it, I think my Dad is fairly rich in Neanderthal genes). Remember how it warmed your belly when you learned birds were the living descendants of dinosaurs?

Because of what Kim had told me, I thought I had no internet access, so I rode my bike quickly to work to make an emergency change on my website. Then Kim revealed we still had our DSL after all. She also wanted to be tucked into bed.

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