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   August 2000

01: economic hangover - Considering the post-breakup financial landscape.
02: I've allowed myself to become - I do lunch with Evan, technology whiz behind
03: I heart bush - Musings on whether or not Mary Cheny ever had a mullet.
04: flu huffing - In its initial stages, this flu feels like huffing glue.
05: big French sandwiches - Kim and I dine at fashionable French café in Venice.
06: even sicker - Despite my weakness and aches, Kim takes me to Venice to show me the canals.
07: turbulence upon approach - Kim and I squabble on our last night of living together in an intact house.
08: moving out blues - Suddenly I feel sad as Kim packs her things.
09: Carl's Jr. diet - I figure I'll be doing a lot of eating at Carl's Jr. now that I'm a bachelor again.
10: fragments of humanity adding up to an impersonal machine - Yet more trouble with Earthlink DSL.
11: lunch in Venice - I do lunch with K___, one of the project managers.
12: sleep, possible housemate, etc. - Hanging out in my house hoping to rent it out.
13: that awful void - Loneliness, fear of failure, and a dog's sorrow.
14: banzai avocado tree - Reciprocal promotion of non-commercial sites on the web. Also, the plants receive all of my human empathy.
15: reluctant fratboy bar scene - I go out with some co-workers to a frat bar on Santa Monica's Promenade.
16: housemate located - John seems like a cool guy. He's young and he's hip and he wants to be my housemate.
17: black out LA style - My new housemate John moves in and the LA Dept. of Water and Gas turns off my power.
18: last piece of San Diego - A fleck of fingernail polish disappears. Also, West LA community or the lack thereof.
19: Heaven and the Venice boardwalk - I bike from Marina Del Rey all the way up into Santa Monica along famous Venice Beach.
20: real life adventure game - More trash picking in West LA.
21: west coast retro rock scene - My boss and I go to Spaceland in Silverlake, see Whiskey Biscuit and run across my old friend Nikolai.
22: CollegeClub meets its fate - Chapter 11 and firesale to Student Advantage.
23: Survivor - of course I watched - It's unusually gripping television.
24: spanning the web world - My boss Linda is tipped off about my online journal but everything is cool.
25: alley trawling with my housemate John - We have remarkably good luck on a mission to score some dining room chairs.
26: random phrases - I've built an expandable system to generate random phrases.
27: in the Kinkos forest - Kim and I go to Kinkos to officially transfer her domain name.
28: Swingers - I do lunch with a couple of colleagues at a hip new restaurant in downtown Santa Monica.
29: drizzle in LA - It's like Seattle weather almost.
30: local friends of my housemate - The all went out to dinner together and I watched Big Brother.
31: scary pole experience - Attempting to pirate some cable teevee for Kim, I have a feeling of mortality and chicken out.