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Wednesday, August 30 2000
In the evening I found myself sitting alone in the living room sipping a vodkatea and skimming over the latest not especially interesting issue of the Utne Reader. Upstairs, John's erstwhile girlfriend Sharon lay napping in his bed. John and his friend Fernando (a guy from the San Fernando Valley) were at Bodies in Motion lifting weights together.
There came a knock at the door, and when I went to answer it, I found John's emoish sister and what might be John's future girlfriend, a young lady named Chun. Everybody was getting together to go out for dinner, and they were all happy and full of life, lavishing praise upon my alley trawling successes. Sharon woke up from her nap and came down the stairs and then John and Fernando returned from the gym. It was almost like a, you know, party.
I get the impression that John thinks I'm some sort of misanthrope, because he was profusely apologetic for the crowd. But for my part, I was happy. It was good to have so many interesting, on-the-ball people in my living room. I hadn't been with such a concentration of evidently non-dysfunctional people since living at the Dynashack.
John invited me to come with them for dinner, but I'm trying not to get too involved with my housemate and his friends, at least not immediately. I think it's important to hang back a little in the early stages of friendship and social assimilation. When I was a student in college, I waited out all of freshman year before becoming the Gus who would later live on in Oberlin legend.

Tonight I watched Big Brother, eager to see what humiliations would be dished out next. I'm getting a certain sadistic thrill from watching beauty queen Jamie's artifice systematically deconstructed. By the way, did you know my old girlfriend Kim was once a beauty queen? Not only that; she was also a cheerleader and a sorority sister. I don't think I've ever mentioned all these facts in one entry before. Yes, I can honestly say that I have scored with a cheerleader and a beauty queen.

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