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   August 2001

01: seitanic blandness - An Upper West Side social obligation.
02: benign neglect doesn't really work - I meet Jami from
03: B & H Dairy - Gretchen takes me to her favorite restaurant in the East Village.
04: Farrell's Basic Bar - We sneak in to see Legally Blond and then go to a basic bar in Brooklyn.
05: trying to tap a satellite - Cruisers of Park Slope and HBO-catalyzed community.
06: real estate ain't simple - Gretchen and I play air hockey and I deal with real estate complexities.
07: please stay infantile - Gretchen never wants her kitten Edna to ever grow up.
08: visually anthropologetic - Gretchen has a poem accepted in the Paris Review and I comment about robotic toilets at my dotcom.
09: a few troubling conclusions - I do, however, have a new project in the works that can hopefully pull me out of this chasm of self-doubt.
10: skate teeth - 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
11: walking in the South Slope - banky bank.
12: call that a loft? - Overpriced lofts in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
13: uncooled subway car - I pick overheating over crowding on the New York Subway.
14: turbulence of the rocket flight - You know, I hope this thing doesn't explode before getting me there.
15: Brooklyn Public Library - Mostly I just get information off the internet these days.
16: paper layerest - Denied internet connectivity, I maintain old habits.
17: unsubsidized by criminal activity - I come upon an old Mac IIsi in the trash.
18: space occupied by rubble - I try to find Williamsburg and kind of fail.
19: unlabeled tracks - Suffering at the hands of quirky light rail lines.
20: used to make doggy tails wag - Sally the Dog isn't welcome in various Park Slope establishments.
21: you think you remember - How valid are childhood memories?
22: I'm better than you - You suck and I'm cool.
23: can Earthlink possibly compete? - Yeah, and Dave Usher creeps me out.
24: wean myself - Success with a Mandrake Linux installation.
25: all sorts of marketable skills - Rounding out my Mandrake Linux box.
26: immersive interest - Striking a balance between material obsessions and personal relationships.
27: arbitrary outcome - You can get wrapped up in any anticipated outcome.
28: East Village bars - John scores with the hottest chick in Coyote Ugly.
29: the variety is endless - Walk even a short distance and watch New York City change beneath you.
30: the origins of love - I see Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Gretchen.
31: Juda!sm in Ugand@ - Gretchen and I take a train down to Maryland to begin our frantic Labor Day vacation.