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Monday, December 16 2002

A couple guys affiliated with Lowes came out today to install carpet in two of the three upstairs rooms. They were young guys, confirming the theory that after a certain age carpet laying is impossible due to a steadily-decreasing ability to bend repeatedly.
Once the carpets were in, the entire character of the upstairs immediately changed from that of a worksite to something more cozy and inviting. Using a pair of Gretchen's roller skates as a makeshift dolly, I moved the big couch out of temporary storage in the unfinished upstairs bathroom and out into the rec room. Later Gretchen and I moved the king-sized mattress up to the new bedroom. We would have begun using it tonight, but its proximity to the bathroom would have made it impossible for Gretchen to sleep peacefully while I worked on late night bathroom projects.
The first of these late night bathroom projects happened tonight, with me working into the wee hours to tape and then spackle the parts of the new bathroom wall that aren't going to be tiled. I'm no spackle Jedi, but I know enough about the process now to do a reasonable job of it. As I worked, I found it to be a sort of three dimensional variation on the ho-hum job of house painting. The goal is to repeatedly achieve a flat, unremarkable surface or sharp, unremarkable corners. The monotony and lack of creativity is exactly like painting, and the only satisfaction comes with the completion of various milestones and sub-milestones, such as completing a wall or hitting the bottom of a bucket of spackle.

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