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   January 2003

01: first day of year and back to work - I perform a computer repair housecall in Woodstock.
02: constantly tripped up by the training wheels - Operating Frontpage by phone with an insensitive Republican client.
03: as useful as the action of random waves - Trying to translate odd word processor documents.
04: Mohunk nor'easter - The region west of New Paltz in the aftermath of a winter snowstorm.
05: unplanned organic outgrowth - The bathroom shelving turns out nice.
06: striking blue pigment - Waterproofing around the showerr.
07: good obscure Paul McCartney - I'm sure there's plenty out there.
08: rotting Rondout - Gretchen and I visit the Rondout neighborhood of Kingston.
09: it's actually a laboratory - My studio is now a laboratory and it needs a smoke detector.
10: no acceptable food salinization protocol - We find the Thai curry at a friend's house to be unpleasantly low-sodium.
11: authentic Manhattan-style - Bad Indian food and a dull Manhattan-style bar experience in Woodstock, New York.
12: broad-daylight burglary of the future - Sometimes I wish I could be the author of soundbites.
13: lower-tech than I figured - Running out computational power running electric heat.
14: full of floating sheets ice - I cross the Hudson for door knobs.
15: maybe this isn't an ice age - I cross the Hudson for door knobs.
16: plenty of delicious humiliation - Watching Joe Millionaire.
17: spinning the disco ball - Hanging a Christmas present from my girlfriend.
18: P&D Surplus - The ultimate store, only fifteen minutes away.
19: Rhinebeck as a birthday town - I think Gretchen likes the place so it was where I took her for her birthday.
20: only fun to build them - Light shows.
21: behairgelled/benosejobbed - Another American Idol and visiting a dog shelter in Newburgh.
22: malevolent magic - Professional computer troubles confront a computer wizard.
23: laboratory with balls - Disco balls that is, Texas tea.
24: Uptown Kingston Crawl - A restrained night out in a depressed Upstate city in January.
25: snowmen art show - The local Stewart's features the artwork of local children.
26: could have come from a Cracker Jack box - I get pulled over by an off-duty police officer.
27: the dullness of the Christian message - It's so simple, it ends up being repeated.
28: debt free - We pay off our mortgage and credit cards.
29: frozen waterfall - I get pulled over by an off-duty police officer.
30: hurts me to swell my cheeks with air - I'd tell Gretchen, but then she'd want me to go to the doctor or something.
31: peanut butter soup - An unpopular soup at the Hurley Mountain Inn.