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Thursday, January 2 2003

[REDACTED]I have the luxury of allowing irritation to creep into my voice, confident as I am that she is too socially clueless to notice.

I tried on a "found" copper ring this evening. It was a three-eighths-inch-long piece of half-inch copper pipe. It just barely fit onto the ring finger of my left hand, but then when I tried to take it off it started cutting into my finger so badly that I began to bleed. That's when it became clear that I'd have to cut the ring off. This wasn't hard once I had the proper method figured out. The procedure required Gretchen's assistance and two needle-nosed pliers. While she held the ring firmly with one, I grabbed it nearby with the other and bent it slightly up and down until the metal was fatigued and it broke.

DurockTM is the waterproof concrete-and-fibreglass panel material that underlies the new bathroom floor and the walls around the showers. There are also a few pieces of it littering the unkempt floor of my studio, which I am also (finally) able to use as a place to write. As I stepped over the DurockTM tonight it occurred to me that the pieces look like fallen gravestones. My next thought was to wonder if DurockTM could be used by poor people as a cheap material for marking their graves. It's a depressing notion, but it had me cackling like a hyena nonetheless. All the po' folk who can't afford to live in a four bathroom house in Hurley should instead eat cake and be buried beneath economical DurockTM tombstones. The fine folks at DurockTM ought to sign a contract with the Department of Defense before the Baghdad campaign commences.

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