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Sunday, January 5 2003

While Gretchen entertained our houseful of guests, I spent the day mostly installing trim and shelving in the bathroom. The shelving turned out better than expected. The best thing about the shelving in the nook over the toilet is that its design is entirely unique, an unplanned organic outgrowth of my playing around with the fabric of the building.
Ray, Nancy, and Nancy's sister Linda all left today after exploring Kingston a second time. Gretchen is doing her best to sell them on the idea of actually moving up here.
Gretchen had her yearly "night out" with Katie and Mary Purdy tonight. Again she had trouble with the truck getting stuck in the driveway. As I worked to liberate it this time, I noticed only three of the wheels were spinning. One of the rear wheels wasn't doing its part at all. Perhaps the hub wasn't locked? Do rear hubs have to be locked? I know nothing about how four wheel drive Toyotas work, so I could only shovel and try, shovel and try, until it was free.
Later on Gretchen came home with Mary, who would be spending the night in the basement guest room (formerly our master bedroom). We sat up for awhile talking about a number of subjects first. Something came up about Tor! Spell!ng, the celebrity whom Mary hangs out with occasionally. Also, it turns out that David the Rabbi is dating someone known as Breakup G!rl (the Breakup G!rl website was originally started by Breakup G!rl, and then bought by the Oxygen network, which later laid her off and co-opted her identity). It turns out that Mary also knows Breakup G!rl as a fellow comedienne in the New York City comedy scene. Gretchen immediately decided to call David and talk about Breakup G!rl and it turned out Breakup G!rl was actually there and so both Mary and Gretchen chatted with her. The cell phone was so loud I could hear both sides of the conversation from across the room. According to Gretchen, Breakup G!rl knows several Romance languages and has taught David the Rabbi the most foul expression that can be uttered in any language: "Me cago en la concha de la madre del dios," which is Spanish for, "I shit in the cunt of the mother of God." After that phone call, we somehow got into having a rather protracted conversation about laxatives and diarrhea, something you can't talk about with just anybody.

How the sink part of the bathroom looked back on November 27th, 2002.
Note the handy tank of propane and underlying wiring.

How the sink looks now.

The toilet/shower area of the bathroom, November 16th, 2002,
before the creation of the low "car door" wall.
Note the original wall and the secondary wall built in front of it.

The plumbing-rich "car door" wall near the toilet area back on November 27th, 2002.

The toilet with the new shelves behind it.
These shelves are built into the secondary wall mentioned in the earlier caption.
The deepest part of the shelves actually intrudes between the studs in the original wall.
The "car door" is now covered with tile;
I installed those narrow interfingered tiles only a few days ago.

The fake bricks of the rec room chimney.
These "bricks" were "made" using a taping knife in wet mortar.

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