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Thursday, January 23 2003

Temperatures remained unseasonably low, even given this latitude, elevation, and time of year. I probably need to get a new battery for the truck, since the vehicle is otherwise useless unless hotwired.
I drove the Honda to Woodstock this evening for the purpose of putting up flyers advertising my nascent computer repair business. I passed the Ashokan Reservoir on the convenient connector road that runs atop an earthen causeway at the reservoir's eastern end. It's a road Gretchen and I didn't discover until recently; not does it feauture spectacular views of the eastern Catskill Peaks, it makes it possible for us to drive to Woodstock in ten minutes. What with the thick ice and hillocks of blown snow, it wouldn't have been the least bit odd to see a Polar Bear out there.
I came home from Woodstock with the supplies needed to finish the lighting and disco ball wiring in my laboratory. I had to fish some wire down to a switch box where I installed a rheostat to control the disco balls' rate of rotation, along with two switches to control spotlights pointing at the balls from either side. My laboratory has balls.

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