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Friday, January 31 2003

Today I went to Lowes for the first time in many days, mostly to get more moulding and assorted goodies with which to finish the wall outside the master bedroom. It's a complicated structure consisting of a trapezoidal six-foot-high wall topped with with an equilateral triangle measuring ten feet on a side and tipping away at a forty five degree angle (to form the slope of the bedroom's cathedral ceiling beneath). The junction of the trapezoidal wall (covered with drywall) and the triangle (covered with primed plywood) is a problematic edge, and I've decided to simply cover it up by running shelving along the seam. It's one of those late-stage projects that I've been putting off (I mean, it did get bumped by the disco ball project!) but now that I'm finally working on it I'm finding it unexpectedly exciting.

Sarah the Korean (who is not actually Korean) came up for the weekend by bus and Gretchen picked her up this evening from the Kingston bus station. As usual, we took her out to the Hurley Mountain Inn for dinner and beers. Sarah actually drinks enough beer to justify a pitcher (actually, so does David the Rabbi, but before him, I hadn't know the HMI had pitchers). The soup of the day tonight at the Hurley Mountain Inn was "peanut butter soup." The waitress told us that no one had ordered any; indeed, she was whisked away before she could take our orders to attend an important "team pep talk" on the subject, so she admitted, of "how to make the food taste better." But the problem with the peanut butter soup wasn't actually how it tasted, of course, it was it's name. Gretchen tasted some and she said it wasn't especially bad, though it certainly wasn't Thai either.
Gretchen attempted to use the Hurley Mountain Inn jukebox machine tonight and found it to be haunted and in some sort of contrary mood. Instead of Led Zeppelin's "Lemon Song" and something by Dolly Parton, it decided instead to play a well known Phil Collins's tune and a cover of "Pinball Wizard" by Elton John. This was the first time I'd ever seen Gretchen sit through a Phil Collins song. She'd led me to believe she lacked that capability.

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