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Monday, January 6 2003

It was kind of blah, the piece of luan plywood I used to finally finish the front of the bathtub in the new bathroom. The front needs to be accessible in case the plumbing ever goes Three Mile Island or the Jacuzzi pump fails. So I used some special moulding along the top to give me a little trench in which to insert the top edge of the plywood, and then I just pushed the bottom in. Nothing is really holding it there except its desire to remain in a two-dimensional plane. I also spent considerable time taking proactive water-proofing measures, using some concrete-resembling caulk to fill in the top side of that special moulding as well as any little cracks I could find. I noticed that in places where the caulk, grout, and copper pipes came into contact, the chemical reaction resulted in a striking blue pigment. I also drenched the grout around the shower area with a sort of petroleum-distillate-based water proofing concoction, which I managed to get all over myself as well, sealing my pores like those of an albatross caught in the oil spill disgorged from a sinking Condoleezza Rice.
Back to the subject of luan plywood. I'm feeling increasingly guilty when I use it because the facts about it have assembled tellingly in my mind: it's an imported hardwood, it's entirely knot-free, and it's the cheapest plywood in Lowes. This can only mean one thing: it's coming from massive trees felled by multinational logging operations in tropical rain forests.

Tonight Gretchen went to see The Pianist with Larry, the real estate agent who sold us this house. Afterwards she came home and told me it was the best Holocaust movie she'd ever seen. Being directed by a Holocaust survivor (Roman Polanski) evidently gave it the authenticity that many Holocaust movies lack. Also, it actually focused on the life of an actual Jew, not a helpful-to-the-Jews non-Jew (as played by a benosejobbed Hollywood heartthrob).

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