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   first day of year and back to work
Wednesday, January 1 2003

Gretchen's parents head back to Maryland today and Gretchen was so exhausted from their visit that she spent nearly the entire day either in bed or on the couch watching satellite television. Just to have a tiny vacation from the endless house work, I also watched a couple flicks today. One was a particularly unsatisfying David Mamet flick called Homicide and the other was a well-acted movie called Zebrahead about a black-acting Jewish boy's romance with a black girl in early 90s Detroit (be sure to check out the lingering 80s hair on the white girls).
I began 2003 as I have begun no other year, with a day of work. A woman responded to an advertisement I took out in a Woodstock newspaper, and today I paid a visit to her place to help her get her files transferred from an old laptop to a new one. [REDACTED]
This afternoon I mixed up some mortar and re-placed the two tiles I'd had to remove the other day. I also took the opportunity to rip out all the tiles seated on bad mortar and put them back in on the good stuff. While I was about things, I took the time to substantially improve the tiling pattern. As always, I took the leftover mortar and spread it on the cinderblock parts of the oil burner chimney where it passes through the rec room. I've mastered a putty knife technique that allows me to simulate the texture of underlying brick, a vast improvement over the æsthetic of cinder blocks.

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