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Saturday, December 28 2002

In the afternoon I busied myself moving my main computer upstairs out of the central office (where it served as a dial-up internet workstation for both of us) and into my studio (where it will once more be my exclusive computer). This required considerable preparation in the studio, which is the house's only remaining "rough space" suitable for sawing lumber and making spectacular messes. I swept up, put down carpet fragments, and set up the little desk that had served so well as the foundation for my Brooklyn workstation.
Meanwhile Gretchen was watching an especially trippy videotape prepared by her wacky friend Jim (of Jim and Jenny fame). In the midst of all this activity, Gretchen's parents arrived by car. They'd completely loaded their Volvo with the things that had been remaining in Gretchen's childhood room (books mainly, but also some stuffed animals). Now that their daughter has a house as big as their own, they see no need to continue serving as her handy centralized storage provider.
In celebration of her father's recent birthday, this evening Gretchen took me and her parents out for dinner at Terrapin, the classiest restaurant in West Hurley. Gretchen recognized our waitress, Euphercyn (which means something like "good dog" in Greek) from Cornelia's birthday party. The thing about the Hudson Valley - as opposed to the City - is that there is a limited supply of interesting people and so they are more likely to be recycled in different scenes from your life. Euphercyn had been one of the least flaky of the people at Cornelia's party, and Gretchen had sort of hit it off with her. By the end of tonight's meal, she'd invited Gretchen and me to come have dinner with her and her boyfriend sometime.

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