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   November 2002

01: guys who get things from the forest - Native lumber buying in Saugerties.
02: priorities for guests - Gretchen goes all out for her friends, sometimes to our detriment.
03: grooving the pillar - Installing the first of two hardwood pillars to replace a wall adjacent to the stairway on the first floor.
04: both of them involving masturbation - Forms of entertainment in an empty brownstone apartment when you're all by yourself.
05: chiseling a pole while polls close - I mortise an electrical box while an election starts going badly.
06: world suddenly seemed populated by drooling idiots - Feeling glum about the election.
07: nothing to dispel the stereotype - A couple of strong Asian movers.
08: girls with butt tattoos - Also, a birthday party at a Yoga center in Woodstock.
09: femur ball from a cow hip - A walk in the Catskill woods on the first warm day since mid October.
10: falling into that space was lost forever - Demolishing the top half of a wall and dealing with bugs in the Catskills.
11: when it's always best to buy a house - It's best when the owner needs money fast.
12: the ways of guys - Inherently right wing, it seems.
13: nicks of chaos - A way to visualize natural selection.
14: accidental excesses of entropy - This house is too new and lacking in character, so even the defects and harmed surfaces seem to add value.
15: live thumbprint embossed in sheetrock - I smash my left thumb between sheetrock and a board being pushed by a forklift operator.
16: careful with your choice of media - M. Jackson's face and faux stained glass windows.
17: Stinky McPhee - Sally rolls in a rotting sea creature on the shores of the Hudson River.
18: wainscot weaponry - The last battle in the war against wallpaper. Also: the Greeks had no time.
19: empty and uninteresting as their perspectives on life - Gretchen disses 20-somethings.
20: the thefts of Lila the dog - Sally's dog toys and Gretchen's expensive tennis shoes go missing and turn up strewn around the yard at a neighbor's house.
21: visit to a socio-emotional desert - We confront the parents of Lila the larcenous dog.
22: hole saw through façade - Installing a bathroom fan.
23: adventures in plumbing I - I successfully sweat some pipes in the new bathroom.
24: adventures in plumbing II - More plumbing.
25: words of topology - Fetishistic interest in copper fittings.
26: necessary mental Tetris - More native lumber in Saugerties. Also, using recycled two by fours.
27: channel beneath the ridgeplate - A find a place to easily pull wire in my new studio.
28: juvenile napoleonic tyrant - Thanksgiving with the in laws at a Greek restaurant in Betheda.
29: first day of Hanukkah, 2002 - More native lumber in Saugerties. Also, using recycled two by fours.
30: worse than no atlas at all - Steer clear of the Rand McNally Midsize Deluxe.