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Friday, November 22 2002

Louis came over today to continue helping with the drywall. I actually didn't help him very much at all, since the work he was doing was mainly solo stuff in the bedroom closet. I spent most of my time running last minute bathroom wiring, particularly to a light fixture over the sink and to the bathroom fan, which I eventually installed under the highest part of the cathedral ceiling. I was nervous as I cut through out through the house's front façade with a four inch hole saw (to accommodate the fan's exhaust duct), but the procedure came off without a hitch, and the resulting hole was perfectly centered high up under the eaves.

Lately I've been compulsively reading George Starostin's Reviews of Classic Rock and Pop Albums. The writing is so good that I've actually saved copies to my hard drive just in case the site (hosted in Russia) should disappear. The individual pages are long, primitively designed and word-heavy, so they're perfect for printouts to be made before dashing to the toilet or catching an airplane. The thing that's so great about Starostin is that for any given band, he'll start with his overall feelings positive or negative (usually somewhat negative, at least for the Moody Blues and Pink Floyd) and then go on to say that some particular song is just devastatingly beautiful, in a way that lets you know he's really listened to the music. His writing is so meticulous that he actually mentions the way Justin Hayward's voice changes pitch in the middle of the syllable "AY" at the end of the word "away" in the line "Chasing the clouds away" in the song "Tuesday Afternoon" from the album Days of Future Passed by the Moody Blues. After reading his brilliant writings, my question is: why isn't Starostin famous? Where is his Pulitzer Prize?

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