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Thursday, May 1 2003
Gretchen is concerned about the possibility that it will rain during our wedding party, so as a contingency we've decided to make the garage available as a backup space. Today I began the effort of cleaning out the garage, which was choked and cluttered with the odds and ends and accumulated entropy of the past six months of frantic construction activity.
My first priority was the disposal of three full sheets of uncut drywall. The easiest way to do this was to use it up by deployment: attaching it to the naked studs of the garage walls. In the process, I finished a partition wall between the garage proper and the "shop area" on its northern end. I had to do a little rough carpentry along the way, reducing the size of one of the shop area's doors from a full "drive-in" style door to a more conventional 32 inch door. Once the wall was done, I hung a suitable 32 inch door in the new door hole. Tolerances were so tight that the door ground against the concrete slab as it shut and I had to spend a long time rasping and sanding it to improve its action.
As usual, I blared the local public radio station WAMC as I worked. I find myself hoping the present administration becomes embarrassed by some scandal - though it would have to be a pretty damn bad one to fight its way through the existing media. The world desperately needs the American regime to experience a horrible setback - how else can its constituent egos be deflated to a tolerable, unthreatening level of humility? I'm an optimist and I have a feeling it's coming, its just a matter of when. Every delay in this reversal just builds administration arrogance further, storing up energy for the inevitable reversal, making it that much more delicious when it comes. Interestingly, the complicity of the media won't really help the Bushites in the long run. It just means that when the setback comes, it will be massive. If American media was more on-the-ball and less rah-rah-American-flags-are-awesome-and-other-flags-look-like-Kindergarten-art, it would actually have the effect of protecting the present administration from its more obvious weaknesses.

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