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   plumbing tools for piano fixing
Thursday, May 15 2003
I don't know much about playing pianos, but I know very basic keyboard theory and have a good enough memory to be able to repeat interesting musical phrases endlessly after I stumble into them. Since my untrained hands aren't coordinated enough to finger chords or do any sort of real two-hand complexity, I'm forced to lean on the sustain pedal to keep the piano from sounding like a sparse series of percussive notes. The resulting "music" is pleasant but repetitive. It reminds most listeners of Phillip Glass or unspecified "movie music."
I was playing the piano today when I realized that the sustain pedal was bent to the floor, even when my foot wasn't on it. On inspection, it proved to have a gaping crack in the metal at the narrowest part, not far from the fulcrum. I disassembled the entire pedal apparatus (which was held together by wood screws), removed the pedal, and then used my MAPP torch and some solder to repair the crack. My plumbing tools are proving to have an ever-expanding universe of applications.
I had a client scheduled today, but when I went out to start up my truck, the damn thing was totally dead. I'd accidentally left a window down during one of the post-wedding showers (the kind where rain falls from the sky, not the kind where friends feel obligated to give you even more presents), and I suspected the water had shorted some of the electric window circuitry and somehow drained the battery.

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