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Saturday, March 13 2004
I awoke this morning with lower intestinal distress and so did what any normal person would do down in one of the basement bathrooms. This left my port of departure in flames, and if I could have seen those flames, they would have surely been blue. At first I thought the problem was stomach acids finding their way all the way through my system, but then I remembered the hot, mediocre pasta dinner from last night. It's interesting that hot food only affects my GI tract at its ends. This probably means I don't have an ulcer. (I'd been worried about a possible ulcer during February's esophageal ordeal.)

It just seems too easy for rebate fulfillers to not fulfill rebates. Their only motivation is some Eliot Spitzer out there running a rebate fulfillment sting operation. As an individual consumer, I'm certainly in no position to raise a ruckus when one of my rebate applications goes unanswered. This is why, when I put together the paperwork for a $50 rebate today, I gave my name as Karl Mueller, Esq. I expect to be using that name every time I apply for rebates in the future.

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