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Wednesday, March 17 2004
I've been trying to completely abstain from caffeine and alcohol every other day in an effort to keep bad habits from developing. Today was one such abstemious day. I hate to admit this, but the lack of stimulants sort of took the winds of inspiration and focus out of my day. But perhaps the real problem came from the embarrassing richness of newly-attained broadband. I'm sure that, back when I didn't have it, I'd had some idea for what I would do with broadband if I ever got it, but what could it have been?
Listening to an internet radio station narrowly-targeted to the indie-pop component of my musical interests, I discovered that I like several bands, all of which were vaguely familiar: the Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate, Elf Power, and the Delgados.
To my ear, Sunny Day Real Estate sounds a lot like Cyclefly, right down to a tangible "heavy Irish balad" quality. But there are a few differences. With SDR the vocals are more timelessly haunting and less intelligible. Their guitars are less threatening but more emotionally atmospheric. I like a bad ass crunchy guitar as much as the next guy, but I'd rather it not be delivered with the chill of a robot's handshake.
(Before your write to tell me that Sunny Day Real Estate is a lot older than and probably influenced Cyclefly, let me assure you that I already know. This is a chronicle of my trajectory into this music, not history's.)

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