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Sunday, March 28 2004
I was a little hungover today from the Bass Ale and not-quite-dry-enough red wine I'd drunk last night. Today was sunny but a bit cooler than yesterday. Conditions were conducive to lying outside in the grass and basking in the powerful rays that come from the Sun in nascent springtime. It wasn't just Gretchen and me doing this basking; it was also Sally, Eleanor (and, to a lesser degree, Clarence). We continued doing this until a cool wind came and blew away all the benefits from the Sun.

In the evening Gretchen and I watched a dreadful Tom Hanks movie called The Road to Perdition. It's rare to see a movie so full of violent death delivering such little emotional impact. We couldn't care less about the characters, especially not the heroes. They were all presented as such simplistic paper cutouts that when they died we were as close as this movie could make us to feeling delighted - something had happened!

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