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Friday, April 23 2004
It was rainy for most of the day, but this didn't keep me from venturing into the woods on two different outings. A rainy forest in springtime is a delight all its own.
Perhaps because of the gloom of the day, I saw the normally nocturnal fisher again. This time he was bounding along the top of the ridge across the new trail I made leading to the go-cart track. I assume it was the same fisher I'd seen some weeks ago because it was in the same general vicinity.
With the onset of warm weather, I've been using sticks to demarcate another trail that runs parallel to the Stick Trail several hundred feet downslope. This new trail has more impressive views because it runs for much of its distance along the rim of an especially steep slope, one punctuated in two places by dramatic waterfalls (though these are almost always dry). I've decided to call this trail The Gully Trail, since the dry waterfalls are features on prominent gullies that are barely noticeable further up the slope on the Stick Trail.

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