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   April 2004

01: warm house caffeine buzz - Feeling good with a gut full of coffee in an unusually comfortable house.
02: sixth coldest month - Dreary day without caffeine.
03: species of headache - Congenital migraines and headaches caused by straying from a low-frequency caffeine addiction.
04: up Eagle's Nest Road - Attending a birthday party of a new friend.
05: Reconstructionist seder - Another outing with new friends on our local plateau.
06: Shi'ite Muslim! - Just when it seemed Iraq couldn't get any worse.
07: Catskill geology nerd - We attend a lecture at SUNY-Ulster.
08: Operation Unspill the Milk - Excitement in Iraq.
09: chuckling at state television - Needing a video fix of the ongoing wreck of Bush's presidency in Iraq. Also, reviews of Ladytron and Luna 61.
10: prolonged sausage party of one - An assemblage of disjointed ramblings about pirate FM radio, geocaching, the mess in Iraq, and even a new kind of movie fade.
11: musical æsthetics - I find the traditional musical kind of embarrassing, and not in a good way.
12: Eastern New York Correctional Facility - The backside of a maximum security prison northeast of Ellenville.
13: passive political screening of potential neighbors - I tinker away with my FM equipment as the neighborhood gradually changes.
14: dirt brindle - Sally gets especially dirty.
15: nuanced forms of incest - As a non-parent, I postulate that the incest tabboo might be unnecessarily absolute.
16: erudite, but entertained by toilet - Eating pizza with the new neighbors.
17: 70s Saturday - The promise of Spring and the continued hell of war in Iraq
18: cascades of minor disasters - No, not Iraq, my laboratory.
19: fear of kiddie cooties - A caseless benchtop PC begins to resemble a child's electronic experiment set.
20: up Englishman's Creek Gorge again - The promise of Spring and the continued hell of war in Iraq
21: transexualesque supermodel - Melinda Gates dreams of poisoning Bill and other scatterbrained ideas.
22: freshest greens of the year - Some pictures from the forest.
23: dry waterfalls - Yet another stick trail.
24: Kingston sushi - Gretchen wants to see me eat sushi, so I oblige.
25: beer-free barbecue - On an unexpectedly-cold April day.
26: imagine how freaky - I see the first part of Tipping the Velvet. Also: how I hate making design choices!
27: domestic visual weather - Yet another restatement of my desire to use X10 signals to make objects change in response to internet news.
28: yawned far more - Enjoying what I can of the movie School of Rock.
29: suffer snapped spaghetti straps - Sleeping through a beautiful spring afternoon.
30: lead foreign policy zeppelin - Cayenne paint to protect wires from a cat and a reaction to Abu Gharib torture photos.