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Saturday, November 6 2004
Today I was out there on the east slab with a wire brush

Tonight Gretchen and I went with the Meatlocker People to Kingston's weekly art opening event, "First Saturdays." We restricted our crawl to Uptown (or, as it's also known, the Stockade District). Normally we start down in the Rondout and get to Uptown after all the food is gone, but not today. We might kid ourselves into thinking that in some way our participation is about the art appreciation, but really it's only about the food (and wine). Today's best spread was actually not at a gallery at all but at a bookstore, the very same bookstore that Gretchen had once entertained dreams of purchasing. It's not easy running a bookstore, especially when a Barnes and Noble has just opened out on the edge of town. Gretchen talked to the new owner and his wife and the news is that they're surprised by the difficulty of running a bookstore. They haven't really changed anything; we're of the opinion that they should, as soon as possible. We'd had a bunch of ideas, and Gretchen sees no harm in sharing them with the new owners.
The most disturbing exhibit of the evening was "Babes" at Backstreet Productions. It was a series of drawings and paintings of women, each of them done with the half-formed sexuality and degraded compositional talents of an adolescent. Maybe that was the idea, but all we could do was laugh.
Later we ate at the Kingston Tea Garden, also known for the largest sign on its facade "CHOP SUEY." Has anyone ever had chop suey? Please tell me what it's like. This restaurant was the first place where Gretchen and I ate as a married couple, so it will always have some sort of place in our hearts.

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