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   November 2004

01: for want of a cord - Another day making housecalls with the technologically uneducated.
02: election day, 2004 - Doing our part to put a stop to a fascist regime.
03: blackest wednesday - Preparing for four more years of a smug little ignoramus who thinks he's God's gift to America.
04: pre-winter bleakness - First frost of the year, with few leaves left on the trees. Also, reading about Catskill glacial geology.
05: Police the Pig - Also, a classic cheerleader with a prosthesis story.
06: degraded compositional talents - Another first Saturdays in Kingston, NY.
07: Slide Mountain - Gretchen and I hike to the summit of the Catskill's highest peak.
08: Jesus bomb - If Jesus Himself were to rain bombs upon Fallujah and Provincetown, perhaps they'd look a lot like Jesus fish.
09: Eagle's Nest observatory - I discover another quirk on Hurley's quirkiest rural dead end road.
10: slippery slope into shit work - I discover another quirk on Hurley's quirkiest rural dead end road.
11: multitasking with a second language - It's another way to crash a car, among other things.
12: every small component of every appliance - Familiar with the boiler room, a nut load, and a hilarious episode of South Park.
13: snowy morning incident - In which I define the word shart.
14: natural quarries - Different places I go for different kinds of native stone.
15: former intangible heavenly vibe - Stringing ethernet through a church's crude basement.
16: boilers in the paradigm of language - I'm looking at people's basements with the same mindset I have when watching Univision.
17: drill press gynmastics - Using a drill press to prepare stones for a complicated wall installation.
18: dessert ordering hell - There are few forms of mental torture I regularly experience as bad as the dessert-ordering phase of a dinner eaten at a restaurant with friends.
19: little voids and a variety of level mismatches - I finally get around to putting sheets of stone on the woodstove's heat shield.
20: Greeks and Roman Catholics - Gretchen finds things for us to do on a Saturday Night.
21: Picklefest, 2004 - Gretchen and I check out yet another local festivity and she gets a chance to remind the Boy Scouts why she dislikes them so.
22: in a zero-tolerance world - Needle nose pliers are discovered in my carry-on luggage
23: The Mission District - Also, SFMOMA, Good Vibrations, and Green's in the North Bay.
24: Alcatraz - Best said very quickly in a loud whisper.
25: Silicon Valley Thanksgiving - In a walled community of ceramic-rooved ranches.
26: babies being cliché - Also, a case where outsourcing is a great thing
27: awaiting coyotes - I find a dead doe deer in the forest near the newly-discovered bluestone mine.
28: only two words to say - Gretchen bathes with a vibrating rubber duckie.
29: survival of the fittest bluestone - I finally find a piece of bluestone long enough for my heat shield shelf.
30: better, longer piece of bluestone - I find another long piece of bluestone at Onteora Lake but it's too big to carry home.