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Tuesday, November 30 2004
Gretchen headed down to New York City today, and that left me with the dogs and cats. I took Sally and Eleanor with me on a run to Lowes for a few odds and ends. As I was leaving the store the shoplifting alarm went off, but I ignored it and kept walking and nobody chased after me. [REDACTED]
On the way home I made a detour out to Onteora Lake to search for bluestone. In addition to there being a natural lake there, the place is the former site of a massive bluestone mine. But I didn't actually look in any of the mines; instead I checked below rock faces to see what if any long narrow pieces had sloughed off. After an exhaustive search of a hillside seemingly rich in long narrow pieces, finally managed to find a second one big enough for my woodstove heatshield project. This one was actually longer than the one I'd found yesterday. It was also better; its surface was smoother, flatter, and (best of all) it wasn't shedding any flakes. But it was also thicker and weighed a lot more. I could tumble it end over and down the hillside to the trail (this was partly a test to see how tough it really was), but there was no way I could carry it to my truck. So I just left it there. Had there been nobody around I might have tried to sneak my truck in illegally past the barricades, but I saw a hunter and then later, a youngish woman walking an oldish black shelter dog. She said she was from Redhook and was just passing through on her way to a wool shop.

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