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   electrical waste jihad dividends
Tuesday, June 26 2007
Temperatures today climbed to 94.6 degrees Fahrenheit, though it never rose above 93.4 in the laboratory, which is good considering that the laboratory is an attic space. This must indicate the insulative value of the half inch of drywall, nine inches of fiberglass insulation, quarter inch of styrofoam, inch of air channel, and three-eighths inches of plywood between the laboratory airspace and the asphalt shingles. Despite all that, the laboratory was plenty miserable and not conducive to high levels of productivity. It was, indeed, more conducive to the drinking of tonic water on ice laced with steadily-increasing amounts of gin. Still, on such hot days in the past I remember the laboratory being even more miserable, so perhaps the jihad I waged in the spring to decrease the laboratory's waste electrical heat is now paying dividends.

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